Summer 2 Term Learning - 2018

This half term started with Art Week. The children learnt how to make felt poppies from wool by teasing out the wool, washing it and patting it back together to make it into flower shapes. 

We have also watched tiny caterpillars grow, spin their cocoons and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. We wrote about their life cycle and made observational drawings. They inspired some symmetrical butterfly paintings. The children have also used a computer programme to explore making symmetrical patterns. Later some boys made the foundations to their “Tree house” in the shape of a butterfly.

The children have been making use of the bean wigwam that was made from the beans they planted last term. They enjoy sitting and writing in it and have noticed that caterpillars have been making holes in some of the leaves.

In Literacy the children retold The Gingerbread Man using Talk for Writing. They drew story maps and wrote the story. They changed some of the characters and also used the puppets in their child initiated play. They learnt all the words of the traditional tale and some songs for a performance in their Celebration Assembly. The children worked out how to make a strong bridge for the Gingerbread Man using different resources so that next time he could cross the river safely.

In Maths we have consolidated adding and subtracting numbers and learning about 2d and 3d shapes. Outside we have been playing adding games using beanbags and hoops and the children have been encouraged to apply their adding skills to keep score.

Our RE topic has been “Our Church.” The children went to St Teresa’s Church and discussed the importance of the different things they saw. We made a role play church in the classroom and many children play at being Fr Dominic and saying the Mass.