Autumn 2 Term Learning - 2017

In Reception this half term we changed our hospital role play into a post office so that the children could practise sending letters using their newly learnt phonics sounds. They are starting to write simple cvc words and posted letters to mum or dad. Most popular has been making the postman’s van using the large construction bricks. There have been so many different designs for vans and the children have managed to work together to let everyone have a seat and taken turns to drive. The Reception children have also been practising their phonics by playing being the teacher and testing each other on their sounds.

In maths, Reception children count to 20 and back. They had a go using plasticine to make different numbers and are working on simple addition and subtraction. Some children experimented mixing different ingredients together and watching what happened. Since cocoa powder was one of the ingredients they decided they were making hot chocolate.

For International day everyone had a go hunting for flags from around the world. They ate humous and pitta bread for snack and made some very stripy necklaces.

We are now practising for our Nativity Play, which also inspires impromptu singing and performing during child initiated play.

Autumn 1 Term Learning - 2017

In Reception this half term we have been learning about Autumn. We have gone on Autumn walks and found different leaves, seeds and noticed the changing colours. The children explored the different scents and textures of herbs. In Maths we have used natural objects for counting and making number lines, and also for making pictures. The children have also made lots of repeating patterns using different resources.

We have started learning our speed sounds in phonics. We also learnt The Enormous Turnip rap and wondered what the mysterious object was that appeared in our flowerbed. We sang the Enormous Turnip rap to try to pull it out and at the end showed everyone our big muscles. The children also compared root vegetables and made a delicious soup from them.

The children are also learning how to use the art resources more independently, including writing their names on their pictures.