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Autumn 2 Term learning -2018

This term in Reception we have read “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” as our Talk for Writing story. The children retold the story using actions and painted pictures of the different characters. They also experimented with bridge designs using different construction materials to make a new bridge for the goats.

The children made beautiful paintings of poppies as a response to the book “Where the Poppies now Grow.” They learnt that the poppies are for remembering soldiers who died during the First World War.

In phonics they have learnt many more sounds and are gaining confidence reading and writing CVC words. Our role play area became Santa’s workshop to encourage independent writing. The children wrote letters to Santa with lists of the toys they would like for Christmas. They put them into envelopes with stamps and posted them in the post box.  They played being elves and wrapping presents to go into the sacks. They also had a phonics game, reading the words on the presents and sorting them. The children wrote Christmas cards to each other and measured out Reindeer food. This extended out to imaginative play outside, pretending that the climbing equipment was a sleigh and the children became reindeer.

In maths we have been concentrating on the fiveness of five and the sixness of six - doing adding and subtracting with these numbers. We have used many different practical activities to develop number sense. The children did a problem solving activity to find as many different ways as possible to make different shapes and patterns using four lolly sticks and drew their result. We are also finding ways to record numbers using pictures, tallying and writing numerals. We did a bauble hunt where the children could choose how to record how many baubles they could find. We count to 20 and order numbers to 20. The children use construction, especially the large outdoor crates and the magnetic shapes, to make many very imaginative designs and are encouraged to draw what they have made.

This half term we learnt about Advent and getting ready for the birth of Baby Jesus. The children rehearsed and performed their Nativity Play, singing all the songs and learning lines. They became very familiar with the story of Christmas and why we celebrate it.

Autumn 1 Term learning -2018

This half term in Reception, everyone has been making new friends and learning the routines and expectations of being in Reception. The children have been engaged in lots of imaginative play which greatly helps with their social skills, communication and language. We set up a role play doctor’s area where children took turns being the doctor or the patient. They made appointments for each other to see the doctor and wrote prescriptions for medicine.

Outside the children have enjoyed using the open ended resources in the construction area. They have made houses with beds and moved planks and crates under the tent to make a living room with sofas. The mud kitchen has been very popular. Children make a wide variety of food, pretending it is a McDonald’s drive thru one day or a take away pizza restaurant the next. The children decided to make pizzas using natural materials as toppings e.g. conkers, twigs, bark for ham and put them in pizza ovens made from the big bricks. We will be going to MOD Pizza to enrich this learning.

In Phonics the children have started learning sounds and blending and segmenting them for reading and writing. In Literacy we retold the story of The Enormous Turnip using Talk for Writing. We changed the characters and the children drew their own story maps where, instead of pulling up a turnip, the characters dug for treasure.

We have been doing lots of Active Maths games outdoors, matching shapes, numbers and objects. The children have practised counting different numbers of objects to match dice pattern and numerals. Many children have had lots of fun using the art area independently and experimenting with mixing colours.