Autumn  2 Learning - 2018

What a busy half term in Year 2!

  • We have enjoyed three marble treat days so far. Well done Year 2!
  • We loved dressing up for International Day, looking at flags from around the world and naming the Continents. We also enjoyed raising money for Children in Need.
  • In Music we have been following the beat, playing glockenspiels and listening to music from around the World.
  • Our Year 4 Buddies taught us speed stacking.
  • Father Antonio and Father Dominic lead us in our Rejoice.
  • We were proud to lead the school in our Remembrance Day Assembly. We visited the trench outside the Royal British Legion and the War Memorial to offer up our own prayers of thanks.
  • In Gymnastics we have been working on pike jumps, star jumps and tuck jumps.
  • Dino Capocci, one of our Governors, visited us to tell us about his life and what the Governors of St. Teresa’s do.
  • We have been enjoying colour mixing, drawing and painting the view outside our windows and painting in the style of Van Gogh.
  • In Science we have continued to explore materials and their uses.
  • The trip to the Environment Fair was great, especially touching some of the animals and getting the volume of our screams measured!
  • We made up our own plays in groups and showed them to the class.
  • We have been trying really hard to use the 5 B’s to help us in our learning.
  • In Maths we have been working on different strategies for addition and subtraction and exploring the meaning of equals.

Autumn 1 Learning - 2018

What a great start to Year 2!

We started with drama, by acting out living our Golden Rules at St. Teresa’s. Father Dominic has been in to see us twice for Rejoice sessions. He showed us the Monstrance and then taught us many interesting facts about St. Teresa. Many thanks to Father Dominic for the Rosary Beads. The children enjoy this calm part of our day, praying the rosary together.

The children have shared their Summer Reading Challenge Awards in assembly. Dressing up for Roald Dahl Day was great fun! We really enjoyed sharing The Enormous Crocodile story. We are still waiting to hear about our entries to the Poetry competition.

In Maths we have been ordering numbers, working on mental arithmetic, times tables, place value and regrouping tens and ones.

We met our Year 4 Buddies and look forward to seeing them again soon. We really enjoyed our trip to the R.A.F. museum and working on our Remembrance Day poppy.

Mr. Lofting came and showed his medal from the Chicago Marathon. Congratulations Mr. Lofting! He talked to us about his training schedule, the types of food he needed to eat and how resilience from growth mindset really helps. He then led us in our Daily Mile, which was much harder when jogging!

Well done Year 2!