Summer1 Learning 2019

Summer1 Learning 2019

 We have really enjoyed our start to the summer term. We have started to learn about the rainforest. We have thought about all of the wonderful animals and plants that we might find in the rainforest and the different layers that make up the rainforest.

In Science we have been learning about light and darkness. We have been thinking about shadows and how these change throughout the day.

In Literacy we have been excited about writing our stories based on ‘The Great Kapok Tree’. This story is about the life of the animals living in the rainforest and how they try to save it from being destroyed. We have also been writing adverts and working on our persuasive writing skills.

We have all been working hard on out times tables skills. We have been practising these in our maths lessons as well as solving lots of difficult word problems.

In P.E we have continued to think about our skills. We have also been working to develop our athletics skills of running and throwing.


Spring 2 Learning 2019

It has been another exciting half term of learning in Year 3. This half term we have continued to think about our local area, thinking about the history of Borehamwood and the impact of the railways arriving here 150 years ago. We enjoyed our visit to the museum where we were able to dress up, play with wooden toys and make old fashioned flip books. We have also been thinking about all of the wonderful movies and TV programs filmed at Elstree Studios.

In Literacy we have been busy writing Non Chronological reports. We have learnt all about the Borehamwood Ridge-back . We have thought about wonderful openers and descriptions to help us to improve our writing.

In Maths we have continued to work on our multiplication and division skills and the relationship between the two.

We also really enjoyed our music lessons this term. It was a fantastic treat to be able to perfom at St Albans Abbey with Year 4 and 5.

Spring 1 Learning 2019

This term in Year 3 we have continued to work extremely hard. We have been thinking about being curious and open minded with our learning.

In Literacy we have been reading and analysing different fables. We have thought about the morals that they teach us and we have even tried to write our own. We have also been thinking about adding inverted commas when someone is speaking. We are really trying to improve our spelling and handwriting.

During Maths we have been thinking about lines, angles and 2D shapes whilst also consolidating our times tables and addition work. We are working really hard on learning our times tables.

In Art we are learning to experiment with our colour mixing. We have used this to create animal prints using paints, pastels and pencils.

Geography has been great fun as we are learning about our local area. It has been interesting to think about the human and physical features of Borehamwood as well as the different services that we have here.

During our P.E sessions we have been creating sequences that contain different roles, jumps and balances.

In Science we are carrying out an investigation into what plants need to survive. Each group has thought of their own variable such as no water, no light, no soil etc.

  Autumn 2 Learning 2018

We have had another fantastic half term of learning in Year 3. We are trying very hard to become independent learners. We are remembering to think about the 5’s (brain, book, board, buddy and boss) to help us with our learning. We have been practising our dictionary skills and using the working walls in the classroom to help us.

In Literacy we have been writing some super instructions. We have thought about how to catch a woolly mammoth and how to have a stress free, fun filled Christmas.

In Maths we have been practising our times tables daily. We have continued to work on our addition and subtraction skills as well as interpreting information from bar charts.

During RE we have been thinking about Advent and how this is an important time to help us to prepare for Christmas.

Autumn 1 Learning 2018

We have had a fantastic start to Year 3. We have really travelled back in time to ‘The Stone Age’.

In Literacy we have been reading the story ‘Stone Age Boy’. This helped us to understand even more about life in the Stone Age and we have created our own imaginative stories about travelling back in time.

We have been continuing to develop our addition and subtraction skills and have been working hard on new methods to help us to solve problems with this.

Forest Schools sessions have been great fun, we have taken part in a wide range of activities. We have loved using the gardening tools to cut back the bushes. We have been building dens and creating cave paintings using natural materials.

We have really enjoyed out R.E learning. We have been thinking about The Christian Family and how we were welcomed into this during our baptism.

We have also created many wonderful pieces of artwork whilst thinking about The Stone Age including woolly mammoths, Stonehenge and cave paintings using charcoal and pastels.