Spring 1 Term Learning - 2018

Maths – We have been practising our times table and dividing skills. Here we are playing some times table games. 

Science – To start our healthy bodies topic we sorted food into its different food groups. 

Science – We finished our forces and magnets topic by experimenting to find the out if different surface areas had an effect on force. 

Literacy – We sorted books into fiction and non-fiction before investigating the similarities and difference between them. 

Show and Tell –We practise our presenting skills and make sure we stick exactly to topic when we are talking and asking questions. 

Disability week – We had a visit from the Hearing Dog that we sponsor called ‘Forest’.  We heard all about his training and had some demonstrations. 

Autumn 2 Term Learning - 2017

  • Learning how to set up and use the gym equiptment correct in gymnastics
  • Playing a maths card game to practise addition
  • Reading through play scripts before creating our own
  • Re-enacting a jewish wedding at the local synagogue
  • Remembrance day - listening to stories from a kady who lived through the war

Autumn 1 Term Learning - 2017
  • Enjoying our educational day at Celtic Harmony.
  • Learning how to make weapons.
  • Talk for Writing - Nail soup.
  • The class performed the story to the rest of the class.
  • Forest schools - Making dens. 
  • Forest schools - learning how to weave a birds nest.
  • Maths outside - ordering 3 digit numbers and then making a whole class number line