Summer 2 Term Learning - 2018

In our last half term in Year 3 we have continued learning about rainforests. We have made posters to explain why you shouldn’t cut down trees and have thought of ways to help conserve the rainforest. Linked to our topic we talked about plants in science. We have been studying plants in and around the playground and know what the different parts of plants do.

During our maths lessons we have learned how to measure length, mass and volume. We have been measuring the length of our steps on the playground and converted centimetres to metres.

In literacy we have studied, written and performed poems about rainforest animals. We have given each other tips and tops on how to make our performances even better.

Our amazing trip to Paradise Wildlife was the cherry on top. We have recognised animals we’ve learned about in topic, Jakub and Tobias couldn’t be happier to see meerkats, Oliver saw a lion for the first time and Miss V was very happy to see the otters being fed!