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Kidzania 5th June 2019

Y4 Assembly

Egyptians and Valentines

13th February 2019

Summer 1 Term Learning - 2019

During the summer term we have been learning about decimals with two decimal places and we tried to put them in correct order. It was a bit tricky because not all the decimal numbers were with one decimal place. Also, we looked at and created different patterns while learning about symmetry.

Following our learning about Adoremus during our RE sessions, we created a monstrance and as a whole class we pray the Rosary each day. During our literacy sessions we were focusing on Charlotte’s Web and we wrote a chronological report about spiders.  

Spring 2 Term Learning - 2019

This term Year 4 have been learning about rivers and mountains and how they were created. Following our learning about the Egyptians, using different techniques, we created pyramids to show how they were built.

Our music sessions were linked to singing and preparing for the concert at St Albans Abbey.

Our PE sessions focused on athletics and we took part in an athletics competition in one of the local schools and qualified for the finals.

Also during Book Week we wrote a newspaper report about The Whisperer

Spring 1 Term Learning - 2019

This term in Year 4 we are learning about the Egyptians - their beliefs and architecture. We have enjoyed making papyrus sheets and painting Egyptian pictures.

We have also had a workshop that helped us to understand First Aid and how to help people who are unconscious.

During our maths sessions we have learnt how to measure, convert and estimate length, mass and capacity.

Also, we had great fun performing poems in our literacy lesson.

After filling our marble jar we had a class treat with a pyjama afternoon, watching a movie and making pizzas.

Autumn 2 Term Learning - 2018

This term Year 4 had a busy time taking part in plenty activities. We enjoyed our school trip to St Albans Cathedral where we were learning how to make mosaics, what the Roman soldiers wore on the battle and about the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during WW1 .

We also participated in a Fruit Workshop where we tasted different smoothies and made our own. The difficulty was that we had to ride a bike that powered the blender – that was fun!  

We have also taken part in the Speed Stacking competition and had lots of fun competing against other schools. We won the borough competition and now we are preparing for the county finals.

Autumn 1 Term Learning - 2018

This term in Year 4 we have been learning about the Romans, their beliefs and architecture.

During our literacy sessions we learned about the Roald Dahl. We read the George’s Marvelous Medicine book and did some activities linked to the book.

 In our maths sessions we have been learning about comparing and ordering numbers and focusing on place value.

 In our PE session, we have been preparing for the Speed Stacking competition so we are going to be the best that we can be.

 Our RE learning focused on the Bible and St Teresa’s Feast Day so we were learning how to use the Bible and we drew portraits of St Teresa.