Spring 1 Term Learning - 2018

This term we have been focusing on hockey skills in P.E. We have learnt the key way to hold the stick and how to dribble the ball. Lately we have been working on how to flick the ball; this is a difficult skill to master and some of us have not got there yet but with our growth mind-sets we know we will succeed. 

In literacy we have been focusing on the story Bling and creating our own diary entries as though we were the main character. In maths we are looking at short method for multiplication and division - this builds on our previous knowledge of long method. 

During a workshop on disability awareness, we discovered how other people have to adapt their lives to do certain things but that we are all the same and created as God made us to be. We discovered that we could identify certain objects from touch alone and how it is difficult to express a sentence just using hand gestures. Learning how to operate a wheelchair however, was the activity we enjoyed the most. 


Autumn 2 Term Learning - 2017

Year 5 have had a busy start to the second half of the term. In P.E. we have been focusing on running skills and our growth mind-set target of not giving up when things get difficult. We put both to good use when we competed in a cross country race.

In RE we have been looking at the Ten Commandments and how they relate to our lives now. We have also gone to visit the local synagogue to learn about how the Jewish community celebrate religious holidays, what they eat and what they do on Shabbat.

We also had our school tip to the science museum where we got to find out more about space, carry out our own experiments and watch a science show. 


Autumn 1 Term Learning - 2017

In year five we have started to look at the myth of Prometheus and Pandora. To help us remember the story we came up with actions to go with words. In Guided reading we have been focusing on our inference skills and looking at variety of different text types.  During our maths lessons we have been focusing on place value and the number system.