Summer  learning - 2017

As you know, we have been creating our own film in conjunction with Elstree Film Studios and UTC students. This term we have been focusing on scripts looking at key features and then creating our own film script. Next we looked at costumes, researching what clothes where worn in the 1960s and deciding how we wanted to look for our film. On Tuesday the 24th of May we had our filming day. We learnt how important camera angles are and got to have a go as camera operators recording the scenes. We learnt that you have to do several takes in order to get lots of different angles and background shots. During filming everyone has to be quiet so the director (the children) has to say “Quiet on set.” They then have to make sure every camera is recording by saying “Roll camera.” Finally to start the scene they say “Action!”. We all had a lot of fun creating our film and look forward to the last stage which is editing.