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JCA 2019

Summer 1 Term Learning - 2019

This half term, Year 6 have really impressed us with their determination to rise to the challenge of SATs.

The first three weeks were spent revising our previous learning and focusing on applying this in a variety of ways. During SATs week children arrived at school for breakfast, played motivational circle games on the playground and then said the Rosary before starting the test of the day. Tests finished on Thursday but because of their good behaviour all week, Year 6 were invited back for breakfast on Friday morning.

Arrangements for transition to secondary school also began this half term. Flip theatre have been working with Year 6 every Tuesday afternoon to support them to develop the social and team work skills they will need in September.


Spring 2 Term Learning - 2019

What an exciting half term for Year 6!

The first week was spent focusing on ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and thinking about the dilemma these characters faced. We considered whether their friends and family should have helped them to resolve their problems. As part of this learning we all became agony aunts giving Romeo some advice.

The second week was our trip to JCA. This was a fantastic week despite the bad weather. We were all really sad when it came to an end!

Since returning to school, we have all been working really hard so we can ‘be the best that we can be’ in our SATs in May.

This week, ten of us attended the ‘12th Annual Hertsmere Youth Conference’ at the Council Offices. We were all eager to go, so Mrs Tucker had to pick names out of a hat!

Spring 1 Term Learning - 2019

In maths this half term, Year 6 have been focusing on shape and space work, building on their good understanding of number. The children all used construction kits to build their own 3D shapes. They then counted the faces, edges and vertices. Lastly they were asked to open out the shapes and draw a possible net needed to create their shape.

In science the children have been investigating how electrical circuits work and building their own.

Year 6 children have also created some powerful images to illustrate our current RE topic ‘Jesus, the bread of life’.

Autumn 1 Term Learning - 2018