Autumn 1 Term Learning - 2019

This half term we had a fantastic workshop all about Guy Fawkes and bonfire night. The children learnt all about why the plotters wanted to kill King James 1st  and how they did it.

We have also been looking at 2d shpaes. We went on a shape walk around our school to see what shape was the most common.

Autumn 1 Term Learning - 2019

This half term the children have been learning lots of Nursery Rhymes to support their understanding of rhyming. We had a lot of fun changing the words and making new rhymes. As part of the topic of Ourselves, the children learnt the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and made story maps for the song. We talked about themselves and their families. We also talked about how to behave since Goldilocks didn’t behave very well! We also talked about how to make friends, as maybe Goldilocks might have wanted to become friends with Baby Bear.

The children have also been fascinated by the conkers, acorns and other seeds from autumn. We have used these in Maths and in small world play. To support their learning on Harvest, the children learnt the story of The Enormous Pumpkin. They retold the story with actions and made story maps. We then changed the story to fit in with their interest in hunting for Treasure and making maps. The story became “The Enormous Treasure Chest.” The children made vegetable soup and then ate it for snack.

In Maths we spent some time making pictures with shapes. They explored how they could use the shapes to make other shapes and have started naming 2 D shapes. We are exploring small numbers and how they are made up of even smaller numbers. This leads to problems solving such as how many different shapes you can make with five cubes. They have also been working out different number combinations to 5 such as 2+3.

In RE the children have been learning about God’s Beautiful World and how they can look after it. Father Dominic led a Rejoice session about St Teresa and Father Antonio gave a class liturgy to all of Foundation, focussing on friendship.