Autumn 2 Term learning -2019

In Reception this half term we continued our theme of Ourselves and set up a doctor’s role play area. The children were very interested in skeletons and naming all the different bones. We talked about x rays and added them into the role play. The children used the big bricks to make an ambulance. We read many of the books from the series Funny Bones by Janet and Alan Ahlberg and used Talk for Writing to retell the start of the story. The children drew their own houses and their street. Later we made an optician’s. The children tested each other’s eyes using the phonics sounds they had learnt.

In Maths we continued with adding and subtracting numbers less than 10. We found different ways to group the smaller numbers using dot patterns, counters on 10 frames, numicon and cubes. The children measured each other and organised pictures from shortest to tallest. They talked about different times in their day and played snakes and ladders games to 20.

In RE Fr Dominic talked to the children about Advent. We made our own advent wreath and learnt about the meaning of each of the candles. They made Advent promises. Our Nativity play has been a big focus this half term, learning the songs and doing rehearsals. The children retold the Nativity story and drew pictures. We had a great time at London Zoo visiting The Living Nativity.

Finally we set up Santa’s grotto and decorated it with baubles and tinsel. There has been great activity writing cards for the post box and wrapping presents. Many of the children measured out how much paper they needed to cover the boxes before using the paper and sticking it all together, using lots of different skills. They are also trying to make the longest paper chains in Busy Fingers to decorate the classroom.

Autumn 1 Term learning -2019

This term we had a special delivery from the National History Museum. A dinosaur egg was delivered for us to look after, however it hatched and the dinosaur escaped. When we came into school we found evidence that the dinosaur had been in our classroom. We decided to go on a dinosaur hunt to find him. We dressed up in camouflage clothes for our hunt.


In science this term we have been looking at animals. We had a visitor who came into school with some of his animal friends. We were able to hold a snake, stroke a baby hedgehog, touch cockroaches and an owl was flying round the hall.