Summer 2 Learning - 2019

This half term our topic has been mini beasts. The children watched our caterpillars grow bigger, spin their chrysalis and turn into butterflies. We took the net full of butterflies outside and let them fly free. At each stage, the children wrote about the caterpillars turning into butterflies. The children have also been fascinated by any mini beasts they could find- woodlice, ants, spiders, ladybirds. They have done lots of observational drawings, including drawing the snails from the garden. We made lettuce soup and painted it onto the bowl so that they could see their mouths eating up all the green lettuce soup.

For outdoor learning week, the children went on a hunt around school to find different features in the playground. They used the Nature Area to look for mini beasts and collected twigs and leaves to make into transient art in the picture frames.

We used all our work about Jack and the Beanstalk for our Celebration Assembly. The children learnt the story by heart and sang songs to go with it. They did a brilliant job performing it to the parents and the rest of the school.

In Maths, we have worked on doubling and halving in many different ways. We have continued to practise adding and subtracting and naming 2 and 3 d shapes.

In RE, the children have learnt about The Church and also Judaism for Other Faiths Week. We learnt the Creation Story and how to celebrate the Sabbath every Friday night.