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Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 is an exciting transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. We aim to make this move as smooth as possible. The children will now be enjoying the larger Key Stage 2 part of the playground, no longer being the oldest in the playground, but the youngest. The afternoon playtime will be phased out after Autumn half term, though the daily mile continues. The children also really enjoy the responsibility of bringing in their own plain(ish) pencil case and taking responsibility for their own pens, pencils, glue etc. The children no-longer receive free fruit, so if your child wishes to have some fruit during morning break time, please send them in with, for example, an apple or small pot of grapes. A carton of milk is still available to purchase for morning break time (see the office for details). Just a reminder that school dinners are only free in Key Stage 1. As last year, link books and water bottles need to come in every day and we always appreciate boxes of tissues. We look forward to working closely with you and your child over the next year.

Mrs Peake


Spring 1 Learning - 2020

A very belated Happy New Year and a huge thank you from myself and the children for your generosity with the Amazon purchases for our class.

In our learning this term the children have enjoyed:

  • Father Dominic’s visit to teach us about St. Blaise;
  • Experimenting with making and decorating vases in the style of the Ancient Greeks;
  • Reading out our edited written work to the class;
  • Playing maths games;
  • Acting out Aesop’s Fable – The Boy Who Cried Wolf;
  • Marble Treat times;
  • A Geography workshop – Around the World;
  • Starting out learning on Volcanoes and playing top trumps using volcano facts:
  • Starting our learning about Leonardo da Vinci;
  • Our maths games dress-up day – the costumes were fantastic and great fun!

Thank you

Our Home Learning Challenge  

Autumn 2 Learning - 2019

What a busy half term in Year 3!

We loved International Day –The outfits were fantastic as usual.

Father Dominic led us in a Rejoice session on Holy Souls and we have done our best to learn the two prayers that he asked us to.

It was a pleasure to see the children having so much fun on the Elf Run Day.

We like a Maths game in year 3 and have continued to play as many as possible.

Our writing was interrupted for ten minutes one day whilst the birds shared out an apple they found on the playground-Always keen to watch nature.

We enjoyed the mindfulness workshop on anti-bullying day.

It was fun meeting our buddies in Nursery.

Two Governors spent an afternoon in our classroom and we were able to question them about their role.

Lastly, our Ancient Greek workshop was fun and very informative.

Thank you everyone.

Autumn 1 Learning - 2019

Father Dominic has led us in two Rejoice sessions. He talked about Rome, St. Teresa and we blessed each other. In R.E. we also participated in role play as part of our work on families.

We use our class ‘flag’ daily to remind us to be brilliant and positive.

We are enjoying netball and gymnastics.

We continue to improve our glockenspiel playing.

In Maths we have played a variety of games.

We watched the live BBC Teach lesson for Mental Health Awareness Day.

Also we had fun with one of our marble treat times.

We really enjoyed the national child safety programme and learnt a lot from this.