Autumn 2 Learning 2019

In year five, we have been doing daily meditation and mindfulness. This helps us calm down and be ready to focus on our learning for the day ahead. Sometimes we have to do poses with our body or hands, other times we sit quietly and focus on our breath. We know that being mindful helps our mental wellbeing. In addition, we run a mile to help with our physical wellbeing and as a good form of exercise.

We have also been doing lots of learning on anti-bullying. We created definitions for different types of bullying and identified what we could do to help. Then we shared this learning with the rest of the school through a class assembly.

This term we have also been investigating bridges. We looked at which shapes best support weight and discovered that a cylinder could hold 12 books before it collapsed!

Autumn 1 Learning 2019

In Literacy, we have been focusing on the poem The Jabberwocky -by Lewis Carroll, creating our own poems using portmanteau (nonsense) words. This also links into our history topic of the Victorians, where we have been discovering what life was like for children of that time.

In maths, we are focusing on place value, factors, multiples and prime numbers. We will be moving on to looking at mental and formal methods for addition and subtraction.

During our science lessons, we have been focusing on properties of materials. We conducted experiments to see what materials will dissolve to make a solution. Then we discovered what equipment was best to use to separate these solutions and if changes to materials can be reversible.