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Welcome to Year 5

I am delighted to welcome you to the wonderful world of Year 5. On this page you will find the fantastic work we have been doing this year. 

In Year 5 we aim to help your child become more independent by increasing their responsibilities in their learning and around the school, making sure they are ready for the exciting challenges they will face in year 6. 

We have PE on a Monday and Wednesday with Wednesday being our swimming day. In the summer term, this will switch to Gaelic football. Please make sure the relevant P.E. kit is in school for these days.

It is also very important that your child has their school home link book with them every day.  Homework will be set on Mondays, which is to be completed daily and brought into school. Comprehension is handed out on a Wednesday and due in on the following Monday. 

Year 5 is an inspiring but busy year, packed full of new opportunities to excel both in and out of the classroom.

Miss Fisher 

Home Learning during school closure

Spring 1 Learning 2020

In Design and Technology, we have been exploring bridges. We investigated what trusses are and how they help distribute compression forces.  By creating our own bridges, with either a Lattice, Pratt or Warren truss, we discovered which trusses gave the most support –could hold the most weight. We discovered that the strongest truss was the Lattice truss as it covered more surface area of the bridge.

We also had great fun as a class on St Teresa’s Maths Day, when we dressed in different maths costumes and played maths games, focused on fractions and rounding, with our parents.

In year 5 we were lucky enough to have a workshop run by the Samaritans where we wrote our worries on boxes and then shared them with the class. Through this activity, we discovered how sharing your worries with other trusted people could help us to feel better about them. We also discussed all the things we could do if we were feeling worried or down.

Autumn 1 Learning 2019

In Literacy, we have been focusing on the poem The Jabberwocky -by Lewis Carroll, creating our own poems using portmanteau (nonsense) words. This also links into our history topic of the Victorians, where we have been discovering what life was like for children of that time.

In maths, we are focusing on place value, factors, multiples and prime numbers. We will be moving on to looking at mental and formal methods for addition and subtraction.

During our science lessons, we have been focusing on properties of materials. We conducted experiments to see what materials will dissolve to make a solution. Then we discovered what equipment was best to use to separate these solutions and if changes to materials can be reversible.

School Closure Home learning

Home learning letter as from 20th April 2020 



Our Home Learning Challenge  


Spring 2 Learning 2020

This term we have been taking part in the Clean Air Project, run by Global Action Plan-, which aims to educate people on the effects of pollution and what we can do to reduce this by living in a more sustainable way.

First, we identified what causes pollution and then went around our school placing diffusion tubes to measure the amount of pollution in the school. After waiting several weeks, we got the results back and discovered that our school grounds are within the legal limits for pollution however, the road outside the school near the car park was above the legal limit.

As a class, we discussed actions we could take to reduce pollution in our area like active travel where you walk, cycle, scooter or bike to school whenever possible. We also discussed the fact that idling cars, cars not moving but still turned on, increase pollution and how we could encourage people to switch off. Another solution year 5 came up with was to walk on side roads to avoid breathing in more pollution found on main roads.  Through these actions year 5 hope to reduce the pollution in our area.

Please see the attached power point to access the results.

Autumn 2 Learning 2019

In year five, we have been doing daily meditation and mindfulness. This helps us calm down and be ready to focus on our learning for the day ahead. Sometimes we have to do poses with our body or hands, other times we sit quietly and focus on our breath. We know that being mindful helps our mental wellbeing. In addition, we run a mile to help with our physical wellbeing and as a good form of exercise.

We have also been doing lots of learning on anti-bullying. We created definitions for different types of bullying and identified what we could do to help. Then we shared this learning with the rest of the school through a class assembly.

This term we have also been investigating bridges. We looked at which shapes best support weight and discovered that a cylinder could hold 12 books before it collapsed!