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Year 6




Mrs Tucker 

Y6 Meet the Teacher presentation September 2019

Spring 1  Term learning -2020

This half term Year 6 have been working really hard in all areas of learning. Some of the subjects are listed below with their January and February focus.

In Literacy, the children used the picture book ‘Hermelin’ to build up their use of characterisation within their writing.

In maths, they have investigated 2D and 3D shapes, were introduced to algebra and revised calculation methods (involving all four operations).

In Science, the children built on their knowledge of electricity from previous learning and ended their unit of work by building their own electrical games.

In Geography, they have learnt to use the eight compass points and 6 figure grid references to plot a walk around Borehamwood using a local map.

R.E. has been focused on understanding the full meaning of the Mass.

Year 6 have also taken part in an athletics tournament at Yavneh College and enjoyed dressing up as part of our ‘Maths Day’ celebrations.

Autumn 2  Term learning -2019

In maths, we have been focusing on using methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with whole numbers, decimals and fractions. We will be moving on to using this knowledge when solving more complex word problems.

In Literacy, we began the year with a focus on Victorian poetry studying two poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson (The Kraken and The Charge of the Light Brigade). The children then wrote their own versions of The Kraken. This also links into our history topic of the Victorians, where we have been discovering what life was like for children of that time.

We ended this half term with a class assembly celebrating all the things we have learnt about Victorian children. All of the Year 6 children enjoyed dressing up in Victorian costumes and took part in a musical drama.


Y6 JCA 9th Mar 2020

School Closure Home learning

Home learning letter as from 20th April 2020



Our Home Learning Challenge  

Autumn 1  Term learning -2019

This has been a very intense half term in Year 6. In maths, we have been concentrating on solving more complex word problems using our knowledge of arithmetic.

In literacy, to coincide with ‘Remembrance Day’ we looked at war poetry and then composed our own war poem. We then went on to write a balanced argument and a short story based on ‘The Giant’s Necklace’.

In art, we designed our own wallpaper inspired by the designs of William Morris and began map work in geography.

In addition to all this, we have written and celebrated a class Mass, had a visit from a past pupil, (who talked about his navy service), redesigned our book corner and visited the Environmental Fair at the council offices.