We value ICT within our school and acknowledged the wealth of resources it offers for us all as learners and different approaches to learning that it supports.

As a community, it is really important that we all work together to ensure that we all stay safe when using technology. ESafety is no longer just talking about the internet but making safe and responsible choices when using a whole host of technologies such as; computers, games consoles (such as x box), mobile phones, televisions, tablets, ipads and the list continues to grow!

At school, we embed eSafety in our school curriculum. We work closely with Hertfordshire Grid for Learning (HGFL) to ensure that we are up to date with current advice and practice.

Any concerns regarding e-safety should be brought to the immediate attention of the head teacher, Ms T McBride who is our eSafety co-ordinator.  Our eSafety link governor is Mrs Anne Mitchell (Safeguarding governor).

We have added some documents below that contain useful information on how to keep your children safe, tips on how to initiate conversations around the subject of eSafety and specific advice on online gaming and parental controls.


Expectations and responsibilities for parents:

- support the school’s approach to online safety and not upload or add any text, image, sound or videos that could upset or offend any member of the school community, or bring the school name into disrepute.

- ensure that their online activity would not cause the school, staff, pupils or others distress or bring the school community into disrepute.

- support the school’s policy and help prevent their child/ren from signing up to services such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube whilst they are underage (13+in most cases).

  • close online accounts if the school finds that these accounts are active for an underage child.

Parents Guides

Please download and read the following guides for parents:

Social Networking              Facebook                      Twitter                      Snapchat                   Instagram



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