Autumn 2 Term learning -2017

In Nursery this half term we are concentrating on getting to know each other really well. During PSHE we are learning to share, play together and be kind.

We have also began to look closely at our names and see if we can recognise these. We have listened to the sounds at the beginning of our names and then tried to find objects that begin with the same sounds.

e.g. I am Simon and I have a snake.

       I am Max and I have a mat.

In number sessions we have been singing number rhymes, learning to count objects to 10 and beginning to recognise numbers.


Autumn 1 Term Learning - 2017

In Nursery this half term we have been getting to know each other and also learning about our school. We have made lots of friends, learnt to walk beautifully in a line when we travel around school and met our Year 3 buddies.


Our learning has been focused on 'Birthdays' and we have really enjoyed organising our own parties in the home corner.

Summer 2 Term learning -2018

In Nursery, this half term, we have had a big focus on outdoor learning. The children have consolidated many of  their maths skills and vocabulary whilst using the 'Mud Kitchen' and 'Water Wall'.

 As a class, Nursery have also become very interested in writing numbers, singing and performing and learning their first few speed sounds.

They are all really looking forward to becoming Reception children and have participated enthusiastically in conversations about Reception learning and expectations.

Summer 1 Term learning -2018

In Nursery this half term we have been doing lots of counting and listening activities. We have really enjoyed matching numbers to their corresponding amounts of pom poms, teddy bears etc.


At the beginning of May we had a visit for our local PCSOs who let us try on uniforms and also brought a police car in to the school car park so we could watch the lights and hear the sirens.


Our new mud kitchen has also been a real hit and many of us have enjoyed gathering mud and plants and 'cooking' lots of tasty things!

Spring 2 Term learning -2018

In Nursery this half term we really started to order, recognise and write numbers. Lots of our learning has also been based on the 'Three Billy Goats Gruff' and 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We have enjoyed making bridges, measuring ourselves and our feet and also writing letters to each other.


Spring 1 Term learning -2018

In Nursery this term we have been concentrating on developing children’s speaking and listening skills. 

We started the term with a focus on ‘The Three Little Pigs’. This was really popular with the children. Mrs Tucker and Mrs Clancy worked with the children to make a display of the three houses the pigs built and puppets to support with storytelling. The children have used these resources extensively.

Lots of opportunities have also been given for children to share experiences they have had with their families and in learning groups at Nursery. They have been encouraged to talk clearly and also listen and answer questions from their peers.

The children have continued to enjoy singing our number songs and have also been challenged to represent numbers using figures or dots.