Summer 1 learning Nursery

This half term we have been reading the Mog books by Judith Kerr because the children were interested in playing cats and dogs.. Mrs Walsh showed the children pictures of her cat and we added pet related props to the home corner and made a vet role play. The children were very good at thinking up reasons why their pet had to go to the vet. They also tried drawing pets and making them out of play dough.

We have been up to the nature area a few times with Angi to do Forest Schools activities. The children made “Journey sticks” by collecting leaves and petals along the way. They greatly enjoyed sitting in the outdoor classroom. We also looked at the different blossom and leaves and watched the birds, as well as playing hide and seek.

We have consolidated matching numerals to objects and recognising dice patterns in our outdoor maths games and also through cooking biscuits. We are making good progress learning speed sounds in phonics.

For our “Then and Now” learning to link in with celebrating St Teresa’s 60th Anniversary the children talked about different places they like to go to in Borehamwood. They had a go drawing their homes and places next to their home. We had a look at the aerial photos on Google maps of St Teresa’s and drew a map together.