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SEND (Special educational needs and disabilities) information report


Our school provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all children. The National Curriculum is our starting point for planning which meets the specific needs of individuals and groups of children. High quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupils who have or may have SEND. As a school we regularly and carefully review the quality of teaching of all pupils, including those at risk of under achievement. This includes reviewing and, where necessary, improving, teachers’ understanding of strategies to identify and support vulnerable pupils and their knowledge of the SEND most frequently encountered.

Mrs Fiona Letts is our SEND co-ordinator  -

Mr Paul Clancy is the Governor responsible for SEND

SEND Information Report 2023

SEN & Disability (SEND) - Local Offer Information

Quality SEND Offer

 Accessibility Plan - Jan 2022

Corona Virus - SEND Resources information

21st April 2020 
Learning resources and materials to help your child at home on the Hertfordshire's The Local Offer.
Hertfordshire’s website for families of young people aged 0 -25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), has a resources area where parents and families can find materials and resources they can use to help their child learn key skills. The resources area specifically looks to support those families whose child has an additional need, but it can be used by any family, and may have certain educational activities that can help any pupil to develop a skill they may be struggling with. The resources area includes:
  • Activity sheets and ideas provided by the Specific Learning Difficulties team, which can help progress in key areas including writing, memory, numbers and spelling
  • Practical help for children who are struggling with their mental health, either as a result of COVID19 or more generally
  • Help with explaining COVID-19 to younger children and young people with autism, including social stories and easy read documents 
  • Materials which help young people to develop their independence, including cooking activities
  • Lots of fun ideas for your children to do independently or as a family at home to encourage them to explore and use their imagination Find it all at