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Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 is an exciting transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. We aim to make this move as smooth as possible. The children will now be enjoying the larger Key Stage 2 part of the playground, no longer being the oldest in the playground, but the youngest. The afternoon playtime will be phased out after Autumn half term, though the daily mile continues. The children also really enjoy the responsibility of bringing in their own plain(ish) pencil case and taking responsibility for their own pens, pencils, glue etc. The children no-longer receive free fruit, so if your child wishes to have some fruit during morning break time, please send them in with, for example, an apple or small pot of grapes. A carton of milk is still available to purchase for morning break time (see the office for details). Just a reminder that school dinners are only free in Key Stage 1. As last year, link books and water bottles need to come in every day and we always appreciate boxes of tissues. We look forward to working closely with you and your child over the next year.

Ms Webb

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All other communication should be directed to the school office

Meet the teacher presentation 2021

    Y3 Celebrated their First Holy Communion

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Spring 2  - Term learning 2022

This half term in Literacy we have been investigating alternative versions of traditional tales.  We have practiced retelling traditional stories orally, identified the themes that feature in a variety of traditional tales and considered how we can apply the structure, vocabulary and grammar of a traditional tale, yet make simple adaptations to the characters and plot in order to plan alternative versions of our own.

We have also read lots of instructions in order to identify common organisational and language features such as headings, sub-headings, numbered steps, imperative verbs (bossy verbs) and adverbs and written some fantastic instructions for Mr. Wolf’s cakes and pancakes!

We have enjoyed using non-fiction texts to find information about planets during ‘Science Week’ and completing a Treasure Hunt for ‘World Book Day’.

In our math sessions, we have continued to focus on calculation, securing the skills of adding and subtracting using column methods, before launching into multiplication. We have had lots of fun playing games to learn our multiplication tables and speed up our instant recall of multiplication facts. 

During ‘Science Week’ we learnt how to read and interpret data presented in pictograms, tally charts, block charts, bar graphs and tables; and on ‘Maths Day’, we investigated shape.  We learnt lots of new mathematical vocabulary and we learnt how to use this vocabulary to describe a shape by its properties.

In Science we completed our learning on ‘Light and Shadow’ by sharing the amazing shadow theatres that we made for home learning over half term.  We then started a new science topic, learning about ‘Forces and Magnets’. We particularly enjoyed investigating the forces that needed to be applied in order to make the new Outdoor Gym equipment move!  During ‘Science Week’, we also further developed our skills of enquiry, prediction and evaluation; planning and conducting, and drawing conclusions from the results.

In Geography, we used maps of Borehamwood to learn about our local area and drew keys to accompany these, adding our own symbols for familiar local landmarks.

Our RE learning this half term has been about ‘Celebrating the Mass’.  We have learnt about how the Mass began at The Last Supper, the introduction of The New Covenant and the importance of the Readings at Mass.  We have learnt scriptures that can help us if we feel worried or sad; enable us to forgive others and encourage us to make the right choice; and we made carefully considered Lenten promises.  We have also been enjoying our morning worship time very much.  We have shared songs of worship that we know from home and there have even been moments of spontaneous worship break out when lining up in the playground at the end of playtime!

Spring 1  - Term learning 2022

This term in Year 3 we have been learning about narrative writing and how to create expanded noun phrases to make our descriptive writing really capture the interest and imagination of our readers.

In our math sessions, we have been focusing on calculation and developing the skills of adding and subtracting using column methods.  We have practiced using concrete resources and drawing pictures to support our understanding and have had lots of fun playing maths games.

Our RE learning has been about The Sacrament of Reconciliation.  We have really enjoyed learning about God’s forgiveness and reading the story of Zacchaeus meeting Jesus and making the decision to turn away from sin.  We have also been learning more worship songs during our morning worship time!

In Science we have been having lots of fun investigating Light and Shadow and have particularly enjoyed using torches to change the length and position of shadows.

We have really been enjoying our Geography Topic and using maps to learn about the UK.

One of the highlights of this half term was our Skateboarding Workshop!  We learnt so much and really developed our growth mind set and resilience, as some of the skills were a bit tricky!

Autumn 1 Term learning -2021

This term in Year 3 we have been investigating poems written by Robert Macfarlane. We learnt that authors choose the words and phrases that they use very carefully, in order to capture the interest of the reader and inspire imagination. We collected examples of interesting words and phrases and used them to write descriptions of moths and to create acrostic poems. We also learnt the poem ‘Grey Seal’; adding actions to improve our memory and understanding of the poem and using tone of voice and intonation to express the poem’s meaning.  You can see how much the children enjoyed performing this poem!

In our math sessions, we have been focusing on place value.  We have practised counting on and back in different sized steps, ordered and rounded numbers and developed the important skills of reasoning and estimation.  Much of our work has been practical and investigative, with the children exploring the concrete representation of numbers using Base 10 and working in groups or pairs to solve problems, before applying the skills that have been developed in their independent work.

Our RE learning has been about the Christian family.  We have learnt that, as Christians, we are members of the body of Christ and the family of the Church and developed our understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism.  We also took part in a Judaism workshop, where we discovered lots about how Jewish people live their lives.  During the month of October, our Apostles of Mercy have been leading us in saying the Rosary.

In Science we have been investigating rocks!  We have drawn them, written descriptions of them (practising the skills developed in our Literacy lessons), learnt how they are made and investigated their properties through practical experiments.  We have also learnt about Mary Anning and her important contribution to science through her work with fossils.

As part of our celebration of Black History Month, we took part in a workshop where we learnt about significant events in history where change was brought about as a result of the contributions of black people.

Autumn 2 Term learning -2021

This term in Year 3 we have been learning about autobiographical writing and how to incorporate the features of a model text when writing our own autobiographies. After writing their autobiography, the children then worked in pairs to check that they had included all of the features using a success criteria.  The children did amazingly well and it was lovely to see the development of both their writing skills and their maturity in assessing their own work. 

In our math sessions, we have been focusing on number and skills for adding.  We have practiced using different representations for fact families, including part-whole models, bar models and number lines.  Much of our work continues to be practical and investigative, with the children exploring the concrete representation of numbers using Base 10 and working in groups or pairs to solve problems, before applying the skills that have been developed in their independent work.

Our RE learning has been about Mary the Mother of God and the birth of Jesus.  We investigated Christmas cards, sorting them into groups based on whether or not the designs show the true reason for celebrating Christmas, before designing our own Christmas cards in D & T and incorporating a moving part with a mechanism.  We have also learnt about worship and have developed our morning worship with times of quiet reflection and personal prayer, thoughtful singing and joyful dancing!

In Science we completed our Rocks, Fossils and Soils topic with an experiment on the permeability of different soils, focusing on making predictions, fair testing and the conclusions that we are able to draw from an investigation.