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Growing and learning together, as part of God’s family, to be the best we can be.

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Welcome to Reception

A very warm welcome to Reception.

Reception is a really important and exciting year where the children develop skills that will hopefully stay with them for the rest of their time in school and beyond.  We support them to become independent learners through encouraging their own ideas and curiosity about the world around them. We go on an incredible journey together in learning to read and write and develop the building blocks of mathematics. We plan topics throughout the year that emphasise different areas of the curriculum.

All children in Reception follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework that is divided into the seven areas of learning. They have a mixture of adult led activities and child initiated learning, where the children learn by doing things for themselves.

We work together with parents to ensure all children are, ‘Growing and learning together, as part of God’s family, to be the best that we can be.’

New Reception parents presentation - June 2020

Mrs Ward

PE day Thursday afternoon- Children to come to school in their PE kit with normal shoes and socks - No tights please 

Class email address for parents to use if you need to contact Mrs Ward directly about your child's learning

All other communication should be directed to the school office

Summer 2 - Term learning 2021

We have had a really enjoyable half term learning about Minibeasts. We read a different book for each minibeast.

We read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle and learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. The children were fascinated by how quickly the caterpillars turned into cocoons. They looked carefully at how the painted lady had beautiful patterns on their wings. They noticed they were different from the underside of their wings.  We let them go in the nature area and wished each beautiful butterfly goodbye.

We read “The snail and the Whale” by Julia Donaldson. There were lots of brave children interested in holding the snails and letting them walk over their hands. We learnt interesting facts about snails and fed them lettuce soup to see their teeth as they ate it. We studied spirals and made artwork based on spirals.

We also studied earth worms. We started by reading “Superworm” by Julia Donaldson. The children were keen to dig for super worms. We found many worms and made a wormery so that we could watch how they burrow in the soil. The children also made their own worms from tights and compared lengths to see which was the shortest and the longest worm. They thought about their own super powers and wrote about them.

In Maths the children practised adding and subtracting to 10 and 20. They have also been learning doubling and halving. We have played lots of maths games to practise this. We have also been learning how to share out groups of objects fairly between the teddy bears.

This half term we have been practising and applying previous sounds we have learnt in phonics. The children have been reading and writing longer words and blending consonants together.

Our RE learning has been about the church and being part of God’s family. The children visited St Teresa’s Church and noticed everything in church that they could use to make their own role play church. In the role play church, they took turns to lead the church services and told stories about Jesus to each other. They were also very keen to baptise the baby dolls. We also learnt about Judaism as part of our Other Faiths Week. The children learnt about how Jews pray in Synagogue.  They learnt how a portion of the Torah is read each week. We told the story of Noah and the children made their own Torah scroll. They wrote Shalom in Hebrew and learnt that it was similar to “Peace be with you.”

Reception children have loved taking part in the sports activities. They learnt to do tricks with a football and played team games. They all worked brilliantly together in their teams for Sports Day and were very skilled at riding their bikes and scooters on “Wheels to School Day.”

Summer 1 - Term learning 2021

This half term strange things have been happening in Reception. First there were giant footsteps in our classroom and a mysterious pair of very large shoes. We decided to send them back to the giant. Then we went for a walk in the nature area and there were signs that the giant had been living in the big tepee and he had left a note saying he was looking for Jack, his money, his golden hen and his harp. Not long after we found a golden hen wandering around. Different children found it in different places.  We learnt the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using Talk for Writing. The children did lots of writing, wondering where we would find the giant.

For Understanding the World we planted beans and are waiting for them to grow. We are also waiting for our potato harvest. The children have really enjoyed watching the tadpoles grow and learnt about life cycles.

Recently we planted a fairy garden and over-night the fairies came to live there. There was magic -dust. Some children wrote them some letters and the fairies replied to them. It was very exciting.

We also have a very popular hair dresser role play area. All the children have had fun playing in there and it has strengthened their relationships.

All the children have been having a go writing sentences for their pictures. Some children wrote notices for the fairy garden and the hairdressers.

In maths we have been finding number bonds to 10 and learning how to spit numbers using the part whole model. We have also focused on teen numbers as ten plus some more.

In RE we learnt about the events following Easter. We learnt how Jesus came back to life to give his friends the gift of joy and peace. We have also been saying the rosary during the month of May and learning about Mary.

Spring 2 - Term learning 2021

We learnt about the Chinese New Year. They drew pictures about the Chinese Zodiac story and some set up their own races to see who came first, second or third. After watching how to prepare for the New Year, the children made Chinese lanterns and had a go at Chinese tangrams.

Next it was Book Week. We ran a class online bookshop as role play. Many children sent in videos of their requests for books from the bookshop and in return they received a video of the book being read to them. They also made their own bookshops and suggested which books the staff should buy. We had a lot of fun with the virtual role play. Also in Book Week they made recordings of themselves singing 5 little ducks and played games to imagine what had happened to the ducks. They also found out about ducks and went to feed the ducks in the park before writing their own little books about ducks and feeding the ducks.

In preparation for coming back to school, Reception children made collage posters about their new favourite toys and TV characters and what they enjoyed doing in lockdown. These were brought into school and each child talked about their posters in small groups. They have also talked to each other about the family selfies that were sent in to make the link between home and school.

In school we have been revising our skills in phonics and maths, trying to regain working independently again. We learnt the story of Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle with actions and drew pictures of the story. Everyone has been practising labelling their pictures and writing simple sentences.

In maths we have been revising counting skills and comparing different groups of objects to find which group has more, fewer or equal objects in it.

We have also concentrated a lot on renewing friendships and making new friendships. We play lots of games with different partners to encourage talking to new people. We play class games to encourage greater listening skills.

In RE we were delighted to be visited by Fr Dominic who explained The Stations of the Cross to Foundation in the playground. We have been learning the Easter story and acting out the events of Palm Sunday and The Last Supper.

Spring 1 - Term learning 2021

This half term, everyone has been working really hard at home doing the online learning activities and the work sheets that we sent out. We have also enjoyed seeing everyone on the weekly Zoom chats.

Our topic was Winter and Ice & Snow. Luckily it snowed, so everyone could experience snow first hand. We also did lots of ice experiments involving freezing toys and wondering how to set them free from the ice. We thought about winter in the UK and then went further north. We first went to Norway with Barnaby Bear and then to the Arctic with Little Ted. Lots of Reception’s toys joined him in their own Arctic Adventures.

In Phonics we have been learning more sounds and using them to read and write. Everyone is starting to write their own sentences.

In Literacy we made story maps and wrote the story of Little Bear’s Adventure. Some Reception children wrote their own toy’s adventures.

In mathematics we did lots of sorting activities and thought about what we do at different times of day. We also learnt to count on, to recognise more and less and to find the difference between numbers. We played lots of maths games.

In RE we learnt about Jesus’ life as a young boy and also how he helped people as he grew up.

We spent two weeks focusing on Wellbeing, including learning about how to stay safe using the internet. One of the most popular activities has been making a snug reading den and baking. We also made glitter jars to help practise mindfulness.

Autumn 2 Term learning -2020

In Reception this half term we continued our theme of Ourselves and set up a doctor’s role play area. The children were very interested in skeletons and naming all the different bones. The children looked at real x rays and drew skeletons. They also drew around each other and thought about what was inside their bodies.

In literacy we read “Funnybones”  by Alan and Jane Ahlberg. The children learnt the first part of it with actions for their Talk for Writing. They drew story maps and we adapted the story to finding monsters in castles instead of skeletons in the cellar. They also made monsters and wrote lists of items to take on a monster hunt. We talked a lot about the dark and the children had fun reading by torchlight in our dark cave. They also explored the shadows made by their paper creations. We have a lightbox and used it to look at how different colours mix together when the light shines through them.

In Maths we compared lengths, heights, weights and used correct mathematical language. One challenge was to make a doorway that was tall and wide enough for an animal to fit through. We explored making quite complicated patterns using a wide variety of materials, including our outside tyres and crates. We also practised counting different groups of objects, finding one more and one less and making sure that everyone was counting accurately.

In phonics we are continuing to learn more sounds. The children are putting sounds together to read and write simple words. They are starting to use their phonics in their writing to label pictures and write lists. We made a Christmas post office for a week where the children could buy cards and stamps to write and post to each other.

In RE our topic is God’s family. The children have learnt the story of the nativity. Fr Dominic talked to the children about Advent. We made our own Advent wreath and learnt about the meaning of each of the candles. They made Advent promises. We light the candles each week and say prayers for Advent. The children also learnt about Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of light.

Autumn 1 Term learning -2020

This half term everyone has been settling into school and making new friends. We have spent time learning new routines and developing a sense of Team Reception, so that we all work together to be kind and helpful to each other and look after all the resources in foundation. Our topic is Ourselves. We have spent a lot of time discussing how we are all special and also exploring and naming our different feelings. We learnt the Makaton signs for lots of them. We discussed our families. We linked our Literacy to our topic and read Owl Babies. We talked about their feelings and how mummies always come back at the end of the day. The children were very interested in owls and made owl masks and played with the owl toys.

In Literacy we have been learning the story of The Enormous Turnip. We have been learning it as our Talk for Writing text. The children have learnt the story by heart with Makaton signs to help them remember it. They have drawn story maps. We made a shop selling vegetables and they made shopping lists and stick puppets from the story. Everyone helped to make pumpkin and vegetable soup which we all ate together.

In Maths we have been concentrating on recognizing different visual representations of small numbers. The children have learnt the dice and numicon patterns through games and using different materials such as conkers, pine cones and playdough to copy the patterns and make some of their own. They have also made shape pictures in various ways.

Our RE topic is God’s World. The children have learnt about the Creation story and responded to how they can look after God’s world. They also learnt about St Teresa and have started joining in with praying the Hail Mary when we say the Rosary.