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Welcome to Year 1

A very warm welcome to Year 1 from Miss Spriggs (teacher) supported by Mrs Healy (teaching assistant).

Year 1 is an incredibly exciting year for all children, as the enter Key Stage 1 and develop their independence as learners.  We really prioritise the transition into Year 1. Children will be given child-initiated learning time each day where they will be able to facilitate their own learning inside the classroom and within the KS1 outdoor area.  Although learning becomes more formalised throughout the year, we also ensure that children are given the opportunities to develop their skills across the curriculum.

In order to preserve the relationships forged in Early Years and to support the transition to Year 1, our Key Stage 1 topics work on a two year rolling cycle, with Years 1 and 2 working together. As a team, we work hard to support each child to reach their full potential, grow in confidence and independence and to approach learning in a happy and contented manner helping them grow into well-rounded individuals.

Miss Spriggs

Class email address for parents to use if you need to contact Miss Spriggs directly about your child's learning

All other communication should be directed to the school office

Summer 2 Term Learning 2021

We have had a really enjoyable half term learning about Minibeasts. We read a different book for each minibeast.

We read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle and learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. The children were fascinated by how quickly the caterpillars turned into cocoons. They looked carefully at how the painted lady had beautiful patterns on their wings. They noticed they were different from the underside of their wings.  We let them go in the nature area and wished each beautiful butterfly goodbye.

We read “The snail and the Whale” by Julia Donaldson. There were lots of brave children interested in holding the snails and letting them walk over their hands. We learnt interesting facts about snails and fed them lettuce soup to see their teeth as they ate it. We studied spirals and made artwork based on spirals.

We also studied earth worms. We started by reading “Superworm” by Julia Donaldson. The children were keen to dig for super worms. We found many worms and made a wormery so that we could watch how they burrow in the soil. The children also made their own worms from tights and compared lengths to see which was the shortest and the longest worm. They thought about their own super powers and wrote about them.

In Maths the children practised adding and subtracting to 10 and 20. They have also been learning doubling and halving. We have played lots of maths games to practise this. We have also been learning how to share out groups of objects fairly between the teddy bears.

This half term we have been practising and applying previous sounds we have learnt in phonics. The children have been reading and writing longer words and blending consonants together.

Our RE learning has been about the church and being part of God’s family. The children visited St Teresa’s Church and noticed everything in church that they could use to make their own role play church. In the role play church, they took turns to lead the church services and told stories about Jesus to each other. They were also very keen to baptise the baby dolls. We also learnt about Judaism as part of our Other Faiths Week. The children learnt about how Jews pray in Synagogue.  They learnt how a portion of the Torah is read each week. We told the story of Noah and the children made their own Torah scroll. They wrote Shalom in Hebrew and learnt that it was similar to “Peace be with you.”

Reception children have loved taking part in the sports activities. They learnt to do tricks with a football and played team games. They all worked brilliantly together in their teams for Sports Day and were very skilled at riding their bikes and scooters on “Wheels to School Day.”