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Welcome to Year 1

 Welcome to Year 1!

Class Teacher: Mrs Letts and Miss James

Support Staff: Mrs McKay and Miss Grant

This half-term, we are learning: 

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Autumn Term

Our Learning in Topic

Year One have dived right into their Geography unit this half-term. We are looking at the seven continents of the world and the five oceans. We also took a closer look at the United Kingdom and what countries are a part of the UK. We met a friend called Mr WISE to help us remember the countries in the United Kingdom – Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England. Together we made up a world map in our classroom. Each pupil coloured in a section of our map using oil pastels and now we have a large display of all the continents and oceans. Next, we are going to add different flags around our display to show where we all come from and celebrate the diversity in our classroom.


KS1 Nativity

The children in Year 1 and Year 2 have worked extremely hard to put on a performance of ‘The Angel Who Nearly Missed It All’.

Their singing was outstanding and the children all worked hard to learn their lines for the play and all of the lyrics to the songs. The children performed with enthusiasm and with smiles on their faces. Thank you for your support at home to learn their words.

Thank you to the staff for supporting the children and for preparing them for these wonderful celebrations. Lastly, a huge thank you to all of the children for showing us the true meaning of Christmas.

Spring Term

The Comet

 In Year 1 we have been reading The Comet by Joe Todd-Stanton. It tells the story of Nyla who is dealing with the confusion of moving house, which provides a context for discussing themes of belonging, change and finding comfort. Children enjoyed discovering the magical detail through the illustrations and following Nyla on her journey of acceptance. 

Seasons and Weather

In Science, children have been learning to recognise seasonal and daily changes in weather. Children have looked at weather forecasts and the symbols used to indicate different types of weather and create their own short weather report with a partner. This unit has developed children's understanding of change in the natural world.

PE - Invasion Games

In Year 1, we are playing Invasion Games in PE. We are learning to develop our attacking and defending skills and learning what being 'in position' means. We are learning how to play uneven and even sided games, whilst scoring points and following the rules of different games. We have been learning how to play independently, in pairs and in small groups, allowing us to develop our team skills and show respect and kindness towards our teammates and opponents.