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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.

I am really praying that your children will have an amazing year and COVID restrictions will not impact on what is the most exciting year of primary school. I really hope the JCA trip, SATs and the end of year production will happen this academic year!

Despite the change in routines, the children will still experience the responsibilities and privileges of being at the top of the school. Team captain elections will go ahead and the children will be able to walk to school unaccompanied (with your permission).

With the support of the staff in Year 6, I will help guide your child through the next few months ensuring that they are ready academically, socially and emotionally to tackle life and learning in secondary school.

Mrs Tucker 

Class email address for parents to use if you need to contact Mrs Tucker directly about your child's learning

All other communication should be directed to the school office admin@stteresas.herts.sch.

Meet the teacher presentation 2021

Autumn 1 Learning 2021

What a busy half term!

In Year 6 we started our literacy learning with a poetry unit based on ‘The Lost Spells’ by Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane. We read many of the poems, recited them in groups, composed our own poems and then produced watercolour paintings to illustrate them.

We then looked at ‘Wisp. A story of hope’ by Zana Fraillon. We discussed what it must feel like to be a refugee and noticed that the wisp in the story was a metaphor for hope. We have just finished our own stories based on this book.

Our maths work has concentrated on the four mathematical operations and we are now learning about fractions. During this learning we have played card and other mathematical games to advance our understanding.

In addition to all of this, we have taken part in Judaism and Black History month workshops. In guided reading we have read all of ‘Kacper’ by Michael Morpurgo and now began to read ‘Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian. These books both have a link to our history ‘World Wars’ topic.

Autumn 2 Learning 2021

This has been a very busy half term in Year 6. During the first week alone, we took part in a ‘First World War Poetry Workshop’, led the school ‘Remembrance Assembly’ and also had a construction session led by BAM Construction who are building the local Sky Studios.

During the construction session, we were placed in teams of five. We had to memorise the bricks used to construct a specific building, calculate the cost of this building based on the bricks used and then build it. It was great fun but made us all realise how technical building work is.

We have also had weekly ‘Healthy Eating’ workshops this half term, aimed at making us reflect on our eating habits. We have tried many healthy products, learnt about how our body uses the food we give to it and even made our own healthy snacks.

To coincide with COP 26, we spent a day reflecting on Environmental issues and how we can help the World. We all made individual pledges and placed them on the tree in the hall.

We have worked very hard in literacy, writing reports on a fictional planet and building our understanding of atmosphere using ‘The Night of the Gargoyles’ by Eve Bunting. In maths we have expanded our knowledge of fractions, division and graph work.

A big focus in class has been the completion of our World War 2 project and our art work has also been based on this. We used the poetry from our workshop and also poppy paintings to design our own t-shirts. We were all very proud of our finished products and enjoyed posing as a class wearing these.