St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Growing and learning together, as part of God’s family, to be the best we can be.

Brook Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 5HL

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Catholic Life of School

 "The school's strong values, such as having respect for others, are evident throughout the school. Pupils enjoy good relationships with staff. There is a strong sense of community with the school and working together is important to all." (Ofsted January 2020)

The saints information for Catholic Life and Mission

St Teresa

We have been learning about St Teresa, our school saint. St Teresa was young when she died but she inspired many in her life. St Teresa reminds us that our bodies are here on earth to do the work of Christ. She showed us her 'little way'. Through this we are inspired to make a small change each day to make life better for others. It might be that we send a smile around the room, comfort a friend, help out at home or do an act of charity.




Our School Saints 

The children have been learning about our school house saints, they have thought about the life of our saints and what virtues they showed us. This helps us to think about what our schools mission statement means 'Growing and learning together as part of God's family  to be the best that we can be'.