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Welcome to Year 4

I am delighted to welcome you to the wonderful world of Year 4. On this page, you will find the fantastic work we have been doing this year. The children will enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum with a focus on embedding learning from last year as well as mastering the Year 4 curriculum.   

In Year 4 we encourage a growth mindset attitude to learning with children working towards becoming independent learners as they gain more responsibility through self-marking, home learning and leadership roles within the class.  

We look forward to working closely with you and your child over the next year. 

Miss Fisher

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Y4 Additional Learning Resources Suggestions

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Summer 1 Learning 2021

This half term Year 4 have worked really hard and produced some amazing work. In literacy we have been writing letters and newspaper reports based on our new book The Day the Crayons Quit. We had great fun inventing our own new crayon and thinking about what had happened to them.

In our math’s lessons we have been focusing on our multiplication skills and practising our times tables through games. We have also been learning about the short column method for multiplication and the short division method, where we have been applying our times table knowledge. 

During our science lessons we have learnt what mains electricity is and how to be around it safely, as well as creating our own circuits to investigate which materials are insulators or conductors. Our history topic this half term has been Ancient Egypt where we have had great fun looking at ancient artifacts to discover how they lived, as well as famous pharaohs like Tutankhamun.

We have also been learning about beatboxing in our music lessons and created some rhythms. In our P.E. lessons we have been focusing on gymnastic skills and certain jumps.

Year 4 were also very lucky this half term and got to see a production of The Wizard of Oz

Spring 1 Learning 2021

This half term we have produced some fantastic work in school and at home. In Literacy we have been looking at a new book ‘Biscuit Bear’ creating diary entries as different characters and focusing on the rules of writing speech. We have also created poems and been focusing on our reading skills. In maths we have been looking at time where we focused on how to tell the time, the different parts of the clock and converting between seconds, minutes and hours.

During our R.E. learning we have been looking at the life of Jesus and how he was a teacher. We learnt about his presentation in the temple and created our own in school. We also learnt about how Candlemas is celebrated across the world and decorated candles.

In Art we have been looking at pointillism where we learnt about its inventor Georges Seurat and analyzed his paintings. We then had a go at copying his technique and created our own pointillism pictures.

Year 4 also took part in Children’s Mental Health Week where we learnt about all the ways we can make our mind healthy and created posters to show this. We also created happiness jars full of the things that bring us joy and breathing buddies to help calm us when we are upset or worried. Year 4 also looked at how acts of kindness and helping others can make lots of people happy. Some children chose to help their community by picking up litter.

Spring 2 Learning 2021

We were very happy to welcome back all of Year 4 to school this half term.  

In literacy we finished our learning on the story ‘Biscuit Bear’ by creating our own adventure stories focusing on using the three different sentence types and creating tension for the reader. They were a thrilling read.

During our math’s lessons we have been focusing on our multiplication skills. We used arrays and bar models to help show the questions as well as supporting us in working out the correct answer. In class we have also been recapping our number skills and place value knowledge through playing card games.

Year 4 enjoyed leading the Mass for the whole school this term and loved being able to visit the church again. We have continued our learning of Jesus as a teacher and have learned about his twelve disciples who helped him in his mission and the Beatitudes. During Holy week we learnt about how Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem and recreated this with our own Palm leaves.

For Mother’s Day we created cards filled with flowers and hearts to show our mums how much we love and appreciate them. In Art we have been continuing our work on pointillism and looked at other artists who used the same style before creating our own pictures.

Autumn 1 Learning 2020

This term in Year 4 we have been learning about sound. We have discovered that sound travels through vibrations in the air. Then we went outside and investigated what materials sound travels through to reach us. We compared which materials let sound through more than others and discovered that sound passes through thinner materials more easily.

During our literacy lessons, we have be focusing on the book Journey by Arron Becker. We have written poetry about new places through magical doors and about different colors. As it is a picture book, we had great fun creating our own words to go with the story. 

 Our RE learning focused on stories from the Bible, so we practised how to find certain passages in the Old and New Testaments. We also created our own Bible’s and wrote a blurb telling people what the Bible was all about and why it is important. We were also very lucky and got to take part in a Judaism workshop where we discovered interesting facts about the Torah and how it helps Jewish people live their life. During the month of October, our Apostles of Mercy have been leading us in saying the Rosary.

In our math sessions, we have been focusing on place value, rounding numbers, ordering numbers and concrete representation using the base

Autumn 2 Learning 2020

During the second half of the autumn term Year 4 have been working on addition and subtraction skills, first mentally and more recently formal written methods. We used base ten and number discs to help us regroup and partition numbers.

In our P.E. lessons we have been focusing on athletic skills where we leant the javelin throw, relay race and long jump. Here are some videos of us throwing javelins.

Our literacy lessons have been focused on learning the three main types of sentences, simple, compound and complex. We used these sentences to create an action adventure story based on our book ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’ and speeches to persuade people to ban The Dark as in our book ‘The king Who Banned the Dark’.

During our RE learning we have focused on the story of Jesus birth, thinking about the Annunciation and how we remember this today in our Rosary prayers. We also though about the true meaning of Christmas and how this is represented in Christmas cards. In our Rejoice session with Father Dominick we learnt about the Advent wreath and what each part symbolizes, we then made our own Advent wreath in class.