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Welcome to Year 4


Miss Fisher Class Teacher

Mrs Hearne Teaching Assistant 

Class Timetable

This half-term, we are learning: 

Autumn Term

What have we been up to?

Year 4 were excited to have the opportunity to take part in a Judaism workshop where they discovered interesting facts about the Torah (Jewish Holy text) and how it helps Jewish people live their lives. They were able to read from the Torah and dress as they do in synagogue. We then compared the Torah to the Bible discovering how they are similar and different. Year 4 loved experiencing this different religion and even got to try some Jewish snacks.

Police visit!

In our new Dimensions topic, Lightning speed, Year 4 have been learning about changing technology leading to the invention of the internet and focused on how to stay safe online. We were excited to get a visit from the police to talk to us all about internet safety, what social media is and how to be kind as well as safe online.

Our Learning in Topic

During our Learning Meets the World Dimensions unit called Lightning Speed, we have been focusing on changing technology throughout history. Recently we looked a the process of block printing which was used to create newspapers, among other things, before more modern technology was invented. First, we experimented with already made printing blocks looking at the different types of repeated patterns we could create, including repetition, half drop, full drop, random and layered. Then we made our own printing blocks out of potatoes. Our final designs were taken home to create wrapping paper, cards, book covers and many more inventive things. 

Spring Term

Religious Art

In their religious education lessons, Year 4 have been learning about what it was like for the Jewish people when Jesus was born. They investigated how his presentation in the temple, and recognition by Anna and Simeon as the messiah, gave people hope. Jesus brought light to the dark times people were living in and reminded them that salvation was at hand. Year 4 had great fun demonstrating this in their artwork and showed the moment Jesus was recognised as well as how his coming was going to change the world.


During our science topic of Ecology, we have been looking at pollution. We discovered that the plant lichen can help tell us how polluted an area is as some grow where there is lots of carbon dioxide and others do not. We made predictions about how many and which species of lichen we would find at different places in the playground based on how close to the road they are. Then we collected our results and discovered that there is more pollution close to the road and less by Meadow Park.  

Sea Life Centre 

On Friday 9th February 2024, Year 4 visited the Sea Life Centre. We saw many different sea life animals but decided our favourite was penguins. During our visit, we were able to see our science leaning about habitats and food chains in action. We also learnt about the SEA LIFE’s breeding programs, which links to our geography topic.

In particular, we found out that they are experts in breeding seahorses and penguins. They have successfully bred 15 different species of seahorse many of which are threatened with extinction in the wild!  The children asked many questions and were very sensible throughout the day. We had lots of fun and it was a fantastic day out.

Summer Term 

 Holy Spirit 

Year 4 have been learning about the gifts the Holy Spirit brought to the disciples at Pentecost. With these gifts, the disciple were able to speak in many languages and talk to the crowd about Jesus and his amazing works. We then thought about the gifts the Holy Spirit gives us and what we can do to grow those gifts. We wrote them on flames and attached them to a dove, both of which are symbols of the Holy Spirit. Then we created modern day versions of Peters speech telling people how they can make their community a better place with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Maths Week 

During Maths Week, year 4 have been making 2D and 3D shapes using min marshmallows and cocktail sticks. We also did some code braking using our addition and subtractions skills as well as create some pattern art using our fraction knowledge.   

Wear it Green for Mental Health Day

Year 4 spent the day learning all about Mental Health and how being active can help us feel better. We took park in a whole school run where we ran and walked four times round the school. Then we participated in an activity circuit and scavenger hunt. We enjoyed learning how to look after our mental health and had great fun doing the activities.