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Welcome to Nursery



Spring 1 Term learning -2020

During the spring term we have enjoyed looking into winter. Nursery children have learnt what clothes we wear and why.  We also talked about what our weather is like now and how it might be. Nursery children have enjoyed exploring and experimenting with ice - what it feels like and the different ways we can make ice melt. The Nursery children enjoyed learning about the Arctic and Antarctica, and finding out which animals live in the North and South Pole.
In phonics we have focussed on listening skills from Letters and Sounds.

In maths we have continued learning essentials foundations for counting, focussing on representing numbers using fingers and a everyday items, as well as using maths in everyday play.

In RE we have been learning about Jesus growing up and the different ways he helped people.

School Closure Home learning 

Autumn Term learning -2019

This term the children have been learning about the season of autumn. The children have been learning about the weather and have been on autumnal walks with parents, which have been created into artistic autumn boxes.

The children have also been learning new nursery songs and using Makaton to communicate the songs. They have been developing their fine motor skills during busy fingers time and have been learning to use a pencil.

They have been active using their PE skills to warm up their bodies each morning and their musical and singing skills to learn stories.

The children have been counting from one to ten and learning to work both independently and in small groups.

They have been learning about praying The Sign of the Cross and have been learning about Jesus’ love for everyone through singing and discussion.

They have been developing their creative skills by experimenting with paint, playdough, sand and water.

The children have been developing their listening skills, learning to follow instructions and how to follow the class routines.

Well done children you have all made a great start!